The Sustainable Agriculture Revolution Starts Here.

We are providing farmers and the agricultural industry with the tools they need to produce more with less, protect themselves and our planet against climate change and become more economically and ecologically sustainable.

Transforming farms and the agriculture industry today

Our solutions help farmers to increase yields and crop quality, improve soil and crop resiliency, rear healthier and more productive livestock, decrease synthetic fertilizer and pesticide use, reduce ammonia and GHG emissions, and secure the long-term viability of farms, the agriculture industry and our planet.


Solutions for real change

Thanks to scientific research and field tests, we go on perfecting our products to bring measurable results, which are good for farms and for the planet. With our products you can obtain:

Up to 15%

Scale up your operations sustainably and produce more food with the same or even less input.

Up to 30%

Mitigate the worst effects of heat stress to protect your vines against increasingly unpredictable extreme weather events.

Up to 70%

Save money, your soil and the planet by significantly reducing the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers on your farm.

Up to 100%

Reduce the GHG emmissions that contribute to climate change and help to make future farming more sustainble.

Solutions that resonate with
farmers and the environment

Dairy & Livestock

Increase feed efficiency and resistance to stress, reduce pathogens, odors, ammonia and GHG emissions, all while improving farm conditions and profitability.

Feed Crops

Improve root system health, quality of yield and emergence while reducing water and synthetic fertilizer use for more economically and ecologically sustainable farms.


Manage water and heat stress, increase yields, improve grape quality, reduce synthetic fertilizers and GHG emissions, all while improving grape cluster uniformity and quality.

Find the right solution for your farm

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Let our product wizard quickly find the best product recommendations for your farm's specific needs.

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Nature and technology in perfect harmony

Our technologically advanced products work in harmony with nature to produce astonishing effects in the field, barn and beyond.

Backed by science, farmer-approved

For years, we have been working directly with farmers and agriculture companies to optimize the efficacy of our solutions. Our team is made up of highly specialized engineers, chemists, agronomists, animal nutritionists, biologists and veterinarians with proven, internationally recognized experience.