SOP Biogas Optimizer

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A powdered bioconditioner to promote biological efficiency in biogas plants. 

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Recommended protocol for use: minimum 4 months, 2 boxes every 100 kilowatt of power.

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Instructions for use: SOP Biogas Optimizer is packaged in hydrosoluble bags: the bag dissolves in the digester, without interfering with the normal metabolic processes. Safe and easy to handle.

7.5 g/kW of electric power installed once a week.
E.g. 100 kW = 750g of SOP Biogas Optimizer - 2 bags, once a week.

Activation (first 4 weeks): double the quantity.

Up to -10% substrate

More complete degradation

Greater biological stability

The data provided here are from experience in the field or experimental trials or scientific publications, and are not a guarantee of results. Results in the field may vary according to environmental variables and conditions of cultivation and breeding.