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SOP Selos Alfalfa

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A soluble fertilizer for established alfalfa fields.

Approved for use in organic farming.

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Recommended protocol for use: 4 ha = 4 boxes.

Composition: magnesium sulphate only of natural origin.

Instructions for use: dissolve the product in 300-400 litres (80- 100 gal) of water and distribute using a herbicide precision spreader.

Dosage: 600 g / 1.32 lb (one bag) per hectare. The dosage is per hectare, regardless of the quantity of water used.

Caution: keep in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
If SOP Selos Alfalfa is mixed with plant protection products for application, please follow the safety instructions from the manufacturer of those products.

More resistant plants

Increased vigor and uniformity of crop growth

Greater quality and quantity yield