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Encore supports the grapevine in
its second phase of root growth by encouraging the accumulation of reserve substances and facilitating the grapevine’s entry into winter dormancy.

Suitable for all grape varieties.

Approved for use in organic farming.

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During this phase, just prior to dormancy, the vines develop new roots and begin to store essential reserves that will be used at bud break the following Spring. Encore facilitates the production of organic substances necessary for soil aggregation and stable soil structure during this important process. This product also helps unlock previously unavailable nutrients in the soil (e.g. phosphorus and potassium).

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Size available: 4 lbs.

Dosage & Frequency:
4 lbs per acre, once per annual vine growing season.

Application requirements: apply a single dose after harvest and before vine dormancy. For best results, the canopy should still be green and intact.

Instructions for use:
dissolve the product in water. Apply in proximity to the grapevine root system through a drip irrigation system (fertigation) or by using an under-vine banded spray. Safe and easy to handle.

Increased production of organic substances necessary for soil aggregation

New root production begins to store essential reserve substances

More efficient use of existing water supply