Productive, resilient plants. Thriving food crop farms. 

Improve root system health and quality, while reducing water and synthetic fertilizer use for more economically and ecologically sustainable farms. 


Profitable solutions that
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Yes, the products are compatible with organic and biodynamic agriculture. Check with your local representative if they have been registered in your area.

Yes, the products stimulate the soil microbiome and affect soil fertility directly. In the following years, the continuous application of Resonant products will allow you to reduce the chemical fertilization even further, especially when other organic interventions, such as manure, are applied.

No, the products are designed to work on the soil. A fairly uniform application on the seeds is enough to produce the desired effects in the field.

Yes, the products stimulate the microbial activity around the roots, including that of mycorrhizae. Over time, some customers will no longer need to use mycorrhizae, and can instead rely only on the local soil microbiome, stimulated by our products.

No, Resonant Technology products are comprised of natural raw materials and are used at such small quantities that they do not leave harmful residues or by-products in the soil, water or the final produce.