Fortify White

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Fortify White is designed to help
attain higher acidity and lower pH levels during the growing season, lengthening the harvest period to allow for a more complete ripening of the grapes.

Specific for white grape varieties.

Approved for use in organic farming.

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Fortify white works directly within the soil microbiome to stimulate plant growth and increase vine resistance to water and heat stress.

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Sizes available: 4 lbs.

Dosage & Frequency: 4 lbs per acre, three times per annual vine growing season.

Application requirements: apply the first dose at budbreak when the vines become active. Apply the second dose in the initial stages of flowering. Apply the third dose after harvest and before vine dormancy (if Encore is not used).

Instructions for use: dissolve the product in water. Apply in proximity to the grapevine root system through a drip irrigation system (fertigation) or by using an under-vine banded spray.
Safe and easy to handle.

+30% resistance to heat and water stress

Higher acidity and more desirable pH levels

Higher grape quality and lenghtened harvest period

The data provided here are from experience in the field or experimental trials or scientific publications, and are not a guarantee of results. Results in the field may vary according to environmental variables and conditions of cultivation and breeding.