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Foundation is a  complementary application to Strong Roots.

Suitable for all grape varieties, especially young implants.

Approved for use in organic farming.

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Foundation establishes the best environment for the future of a young vineyard, giving various benefits, including homogeneous development of internodes and strong, but balanced, vegetative growth of the young vines.

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Size available: 4 lbs.

Dosage & Frequency: 4 lbs per acre, twice per annual vine growing season.

Application requirements:
apply the first dose at budbreak. Apply a second dose about 30 days after. If applying the product to new plantings, apply the first dose 7 days after planting, and apply the second dose 30 days after the first one.

Instructions for use: dissolve the product in water. Apply in proximity to the grapevine root system through a drip irrigation system (fertigation) or by using an under-vine banded spray. Safe and easy to handle.

Homogeneous development of internodes

Strong and balanced vegetative growth

Higher quality roots and grapes