A history of innovation

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  • For years, we have been working directly with farmers and agriculture companies to perfect our solutions through the continuous development of our SOP Inside technology and its many applications across multiple different sectors of agriculture, including crops, livestock, vineyards, orchards and vegetables.

  • After extensive laboratory-based research in Europe and several subsequent trials across both Europe and the US, the SOP Inside Technology has been successfully deployed in numerous markets across the globe.

  • In 2021, SOP S.r.l Società Benefit gave birth to the product line called Resonant, with SOP Inside technology, which helps obtaining economic and environmental sustainability in the agricultural, wine and livestock sectors.

  • We have partnered with leading universities around the world to ensure that we are continuously making a real, enduring impact on the lives of farmers in our shared fight against climate change. The efficacy of our products is tested and proven by continuous scientific analysis.

  • In 2023, Resonant Technology Group is born, to be the global distribution platform for SOP Inside solutions.