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SOP Lagoon

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A powdered additive for the treatment of the liquid manure of dairy cows.


Approved for use in organic farming.

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The action of bio-valorization activated by SOP Lagoon contributes to fluidifying the manure under the slats, in the receiving pits or in the lagoon while improving its fertilizing power.

Our customers can observe these benefits:

Finance and management:

  • improved fertilization effectiveness;
  • up to 10% reduction of synthetic fertilizer with no productivity loss;
  • up to 60% reduction of agitation costs;
  • more fluid and homogeneous manure;
  • drastic reduction of crust issues.

Soil and environment:

  • more agronomic value of the manure as a fertilizer;
  • up to 100% reduction of odor in manure storage and spreading
  • up to 100% reduction of ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions;
  • up to 80% reduction of methane emissions;
  • up to 75% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

-80% methane reduction (CH4)

-75% carbon dioxide reduction (CO2)

-100% ammonia reduction (NH3)

The data provided here is from experience in the field or experimental trials or scientific publications, and are not a guarantee of results.

Results in the field may vary according to environmental variables and conditions of farming.

Composition of SOP Lagoon: mineral raw materials of natural origin.



Instructions for use: mix with water, pour directly into the receiving pit, lagoon or under the slats. 

0.07 oz/week for every animal supplying manure to the lagoon, receiving pit or pit under the slats.

Safe and easy to handle.

How many boxes do you need?

It's really simple.

Take into account the total number of head producing fresh manure (e.g. 150 milking cows + 100 heifers).

If it's the first time SOP LAGOON is used, add up the quantity necessary for the initial activation (first 4 weeks) of the manure already stored.

ALREADY STORED (first 4 weeks)

 FOR FRESH MANURE (from day 1)

Dosage: 1 lb / 30,000 gal (4 g / m³) per week

for the first 4 weeks.


Dosage: 0.07 oz (2 g) / animal per week.

A constant application is recommended.


Product necessary

for the entire activation period

Product necessary

for the fresh manure for 6 months

125,000 gal (473 m³) = ∼4 boxes

250,000 gal (950 m³) = ∼8 boxes

500,000 gal (1,900 m³) = ∼15 boxes

1,000,000 gal (3,785 m³) = ∼30 boxes

2,500,000 gal (9,460 m³) = ∼75 boxes

250 head = ∼7 boxes

500 head = ∼13 boxes

1,000 head = ∼26 boxes

2,500 head = ∼64 boxes

5,000 head = ∼128 boxes

Practical example:

with 150 milking cows and 100 heifers and 250,000 gallons of manure to be activated,

you will need approximately 15 boxes for 6 months.

After the first six months, you will need approximately 7 boxes.

Visible results already at the 4th week

What you need to know before applying the product:

✔️ Never completely remove the liquid part of the manure already activated with SOP Lagoon.

✔️  In order for the effectiveness of the product to be maximized, it is important to store the manure for at least 1 month. The longer the staying of the treated effluents, the better the result.

✔️  If the solid fraction is greater than the liquid, or in the presence of very thick crusts (1 meter or more), contact us to figure out together the best solution for you.

✔️  The washing liquids from the milking parlour or the foot baths will not affect the product functionality, but the effects could be retarded due to a lower presence of useful microorganisms.

✔️  The covering material normally used in the barn (straw, stalks, shavings,...) will float to the surface, but the manure will remain homogeneous and fluid, without thick crusts.

✔️  In case the slurry is used in a biodigester, the use of SOP Lagoon is recommended to treat the digestate (and not the manure).