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On April 5th in Milan SOP is presenting an international research paper on SOP LAGOON

APRIL 5th, 2023

A research paper by the University of Milan and co-financed by the Lombardy Region has been published in the scientific journal Sustainability MDPI, and has shown that the addition of the SOP LAGOON additive to the stored manure in the pits reduces the production of methane by 80% and carbon dioxide by 75%.
SOP, in collaboration with Ruminantia Web Magazine, is presenting the research on April 5th in Milan, at the Stelline Foundation.
Ruminantia comments on the event, also relaunched by the Ansa agency: …"therefore the breeding of ruminants can do its part in the rapid reduction of the production of greenhouse gases, without sacrificing the production of foods such as milk and meat, thus valuable for people's well-being".

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