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Rescue was created to support the grapevine following severe abiotic stress, such as hail, frost or particularly damaging heat spikes.

Suitable for all grape varieties, following severe abiotic stress.

Effectiveness is maximized when combined with the Fortify line of products.

Approved for use in organic farming.

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This product provides the vine with an immediate energy boost, allowing it to produce new roots and acquire the necessary nutrition and other substances for recovery and continued growth.

Rescue may also be used in periods of extreme drought to support the grapevine’s ability to endure these conditions and to use its existing water resources more efficiently.

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Size available: 4 lbs.

Dosage & Frequency: 4 lbs per acre, once after an abiotic event.

Application requirements: apply one dose immediately after an abiotic stress event.

Instructions for use: dissolve the product in water. Apply in proximity to the grapevine root system through a drip irrigation system (fertigation) or by using an under-vine banded spray. Safe and easy to handle.

+30% resistance to heat and water stress

Root production and acquisition of nutrition and other substances needed for recovery

More efficient use of existing water supply

The data provided here are from experience in the field or experimental trials or scientific publications, and are not a guarantee of results. Results in the field may vary according to environmental variables and conditions of cultivation and breeding.