Strong Roots

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Strong Roots is designed to stimulate new root production in pre-plant cuttings, both grafted and rootstock (e.g. in nurserys).

Specific for pre-plant cuttings.

Approved for use in organic farming.

Current Stock:

Strong Roots directly promotes the development of secondary roots (with a fine to very fine diameter) responsible for water and nutrient uptake.

Composition: mineral raw materials of natural origin.

Size available: 200 g / 1 kg.

Dosage & Frequency: 0.1 g per pre-plant cutting.

Application requirements: apply product prior to planting in pots (in a nursery setting).

Instructions for use: dissolve the product in water. Place the cuttings in the product solution and leave them to soak for at least 24 to 48 hours. After a complete soak, transfer the cuttings to pots or the grafted vines to the vineyard. Safe and easy to handle.

Increased production of secondary roots

Strong and balanced vegetative growth

Greater capacity of nutrient and water uptake